Friday, December 5, 2008


Sharing fingerplays with your children is a novel way for you to help them develop fine motor skills. And, it's also a fun, enjoyable way to learn simple refrains, practice verbal skills, and sing together.

Here is an example of a great fingerplay to practice with your child:

My book

This is my book; it will open wide

To show the pictures that are inside (put hands together facing palms up to form book)

This is my ball, so big and round (put hands and fingers together to form a circle)

To toss in the air (use hands and arms to make a juggling motion)

Or roll on the ground (use hands to pretend you are rolling a ball on the ground)

Here's my umbrella to keep me dry (put hands above head in an arch)

When the raindrops fall

From the cloudy sky. (put hands in air above head showing fingers in a wiggly motion to represent rain)

This is my kitty, just hear her purr

When I'm gently stroking her (bend arm and stroke it with other hand)

Soft, warm fur.