Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Fall, Happy Halloween, Happy Dia de los Muertos, Happy Library!

Hi Kids! Please join us at any Long Beach local library and gather up your books for the season. October is, among other things; Carmel Month, Cookie Month, Dinosaur Month, Roller Skating Month, Sarcastics Month, Vegetarian Awareness Month, National Hispanic Heritage Month, Pretzel Month, and Month of the Pumpkin Festival. Pick up and read books on these topics at your local library. Be a detective. See if you can locate books on these topics at your local library.
Trick or Treat! Don't forget to Read! Reading for fun while in school can help improve your reading skills. It's also a creative and fun way to spend your time, while gaining knowledge about things you may have never known about. Pick up a good book today at your local library.

Halloween Poem:

A-camping we will go,
with monster friends in tow -
Hi ho the scary-O,
we dare you to say no.
We'll gather 'round the pit.
We'll growl, snort, and spit.
Hi ho the scary-O,
now grab a log and sit.
We'll sing a song or two.
We'll belch and barbecue.
Hi ho the scary-O,
here, try the witches' brew.
We'll rip your tent and sneer.
We'll fill your nights with fear.
Hi ho the scary-O,
we're glad you made it here.

Have a good night tonight! From all your friends at the Long Beach Public Library :)