Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Circus Storytime

We read, Little Monkey Says Good Night by Ann Whitford Paul, Carousel by Donald Crews, and Spot Goes to the Circus by Eric Hill.

We sang:

(To the Tune of "I'm a little teapot"

I'm a little clown, short and fat.

Here is my tummy,

(rub tummy)

Here is my hat.

(touch head)

I can do a trick as you will see,

Just turn around and look at me.

(turn around, point, take a bow).

We did the body motions to this song:

Five circus elephants waiting near the door.
One jumps through a hoop, (jump in place)

And now there are four.

Four circus elephants looking up to see.

One walks around the ring, (walk in place)

And now there are three.

Three circus elephants waiting for their cue.

One dances to a song, (dance in place)

And now there are two.

Two circus elephants looking for some fun.

One bounced a yellow ball, (bouncing motion)

And now there is one.

One circus elephant standing all alone.

He waved his trunk to say good-bye, (wave arm side to side in front of body)

And slowly walked home. (walk in circle).